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Apple will reopen 100 stores in the US this week

By VEME - 05/21/20 10:29 AM

Apple is reopening 100 more retail stores in the United States this week that it was forced to close because of the coronavirus, though customers won’t be able to enter many of them just yet. Most of the stores will only offer curbside or storefront services, which means customers can visit for appointments at the Genius Bar or order online and pick up at the stores, the company said Tuesday. Around 40 stores across Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia will allow walk-in customers.

Apple (AAPLbegan reopening its US retail outlets earlier this month, starting with a few stores in Idaho, South Carolina, Alabama and Alaska. The company will require temperature checks and face coverings for employees and customers, as well as limits on how many people are allowed inside the store at a time.

Apple has 510 stores worldwide, of which 271 are in the United States. The company has thus far reopened around 100 stores around the world, including in China, Austria, Australia, Germany and South Korea.

By Rishi IyengarCNN Business